Friday: Business Analysis For Data Vault 2.0 Projects - WWDVC

How can you get the business requirements right for your Data Vault solution?
When, in essence, a data platform works by moving data from layer to layer, how can you get senior managers engaged and excited about the possibilities?
This presentation will explore some of the requirements analysis models you can use to elicit requirements and maintain business alignment.
• Introduction
• Why do we need Requirements
• Ways to Approach Modelling
• Ensuring the Data Vault adds value
Learning Objectives
• The role of a Business Requirements Analyst in a Data Vault project
• Speed is important
• Who Uses a Data Platform and Why?
• Let's be Realistic – How Does a Data Platform Deliver Value?
• Who Wants to be Measured? Politics with a small p.
• Are we there yet? Or will we never arrive?
• Modelling Strategy in data terms
• Including Data Science and Learning
• The Sandwich Model
• Requirements as a sausage factory
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