Monday: Hands-On - Leverage Data Vault & Minimize Time To Market - WWDVC

In this session, we introduce you to Datavault Builder and show what we do to fully leverage Data Vault to develop your Data Warehouse solution agile maximizing automation potentials and minimizing your time to market. Get your hands-on with the cloud-native Datavault Builder running on a Snowflake and learn how straightforward data vault modeling can be.
Hope to see you soon!
• • Welcome & Introduction, 15'
• • Hands-On session, 75'
• o Datavault Builder high level introduction and core concepts
• o Quick intro in the session
• o Start working in your personal sandbox
• o Bringing it together
• • Questions & Answers, 30'
Learning Objectives
• Build a small Data Vault Model
• Generate a working implementation from staging to the reporting layer
• Understand how you can work in agile sprints
Hands-On !! Special Instructions!!
Users will only need Chrome Browser or Microsoft Edge installed and access to the internet.

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