Tuesday: Hands On - Build Your Data Vault 4x Faster With VaultSpeed - WWDVC

VaultSpeed is a data warehouse automation solution that enables organisations to integrate data from numerous source platforms into one data vault. We harvest source metadata, users can configure their source models, and model their data vault towards the conceptual business model that users will understand. Our engine delivers generated structures, ELT and workflows. Vaultspeed's guided automation framework helps the user to combine and enrich metadata of different sources in an intuitive way towards your target model.
Our out of the box templates cover over 90% of your implementation needs in the data vault. They are 100% production ready because VaultSpeed takes care of quality assurance and testing. We simplify the complex process of building a data vault by enforcing the user to follow a pre-defined set of steps so the chance of errors and resulting rework is significantly reduced.
VaultSpeed is quickly evolving since we add new functionality every three to four weeks. Our cloud setup ensures our customers are always running on the latest version.
We always try to help our users eliminate time consuming manual work. We would like to present some new features by which our customers can reach even higher levels of automation.
VaultSpeed is built for developers but due to its ease of use, it is very accessible for business analysts and data stewards as well.
No previous knowledge of the tool is necessary for this session, some previous experience with data vault can sure help to get a better understanding of the session, but is is not a requirement.
Hope to see you soon!
• Welcome
• Setup
• Configure sources
• Create a data vault
• Create a business vault
• Template studio
• Questions
Learning Objectives
• Harvest source metadata
• Tech stack parametrization
• Business model mapping
• DDL, ETL and workflow code generation
• Automatic deployment
• Start loading your data vault

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