Tuesday: Hands-On Erwin Business Driven Data Vault Automation - WWDVC

You're invited to see the most comprehensive Data Vault Automation suite the market has to offer in erwin's Data Intelligence Suite. From the Model and DDL generation, to the Metadata, to Data Movement – everything is covered and automated for ease of implementation and greater sustainability. Our erwin Data Vault Automation and Governance Hands on session will cover a high-level overview of the integrated solution erwin provides as well as Data Vault specific code generation. See how this technology neutral stack can help facilitate faster, more precision implementation, while creating the fastest path to business value for your end-user community. Right from the comfort of your home at the virtual WWDVC, you'll log into the cloud and experience this state-of-the-art technology firsthand!
See how the erwin DI Suite combined with best practices based on "Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0"(Linstedt & Olshmeike), is put into action – no restrictions on naming conventions, data types or data lengths with Smart Connector API for settings at the System Environment Table and Column level properties. Compatible with your existing tools and architecture – no matter what that might be! We'll discuss custom solutions for CDC, Orchestration, Scheduling, Governance, ETL Frameworks, Automated Deployment, and Transformations or Rules – the erwin Data Vault Bundle includes 4 Smart Connectors RapidDataVault Bottom Up and Top Down, RapidDataVault_DDL, and RapidDataVault_ETL all 100% configurable to any type of data.
• Introductions
• Instance Credentials – User Login and Password
• RapidDataVault Demonstration
• Hands On
• Session Review
• Q&A
Learning Objectives
• Instance Credentials – User Login and Password
• Enterprise Data Modelling
• Mapping source to EDM
• Generating the Data Vault
• Loading the Data Vault

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